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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's Blooming Now

This is what is blooming as of March 15, I had to retake some blurry photos so I'm a day late.  Most of the Pulmonaria have begun to bloom, though still on a small scale.  This is an atypically colored selection, Raspberry Splash-
And the deep cobalt blue of Pulmonaria trevi fountain-
One with several ages/colors of bloom-
 The early daffodils are starting to bloom, like the Cyclameneus recurved Jetfire-
And some unnamed early daffodil-
And of course there are the reliable early bloomers, the Hellebores, the white Christmas Hellebore in the usual bouquet-like clump-
 And some mixed burgundy and pink Helleborus orientalis-
The winter blooming heathers put on a good show now, this is Erica darleyensis-
The irrepressible Johnny-Jump-Up surprised me with blooms, it was self-sowing happily last fall and should spread nicely.
Another surprise was an early bloom on Epimedium sulphureum-
 And one of those flowers people tend to overlook in winter, on a contorted Hazelnut-
Some additional blooms that were not very photogenic were Galanthus, the snowdrop, a solitary Muscari, a soggy Crocus, which can look stunning when planted in sheets in a large area, and the unmentionable ubiquitous weed, Cardamine hirsuta, that despicable cress family plant that eventually shoots it's seeds forcefully in your face when you try to pull it up.

So, that is my list for today, to see other people's March blooms, check out-

May Dream Gardens


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