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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday, August 24

Hi, this is my first post on Wildflower Wednesday.  Thanks for hosting, Gail!  Wildflower Wednesday at link-  Clay and Limestone There are not very many native blooms at this time so here are some results of the blooms- fruit, Cascara sagrada, not edible-
And the shrub Salal, which spreads, and has edible fruit-
Also Mahonia nervosa, a low-growing Oregon Holly Grape-
Then there is the very prolific and highly nutritious Aronia melanocarpa, which has the highest ORAC value, antioxidant content, of any North American berry-
Some native plants I am trying to grow from seed won't bloom until next year, Erysimum wheeleri-
Agastache aurantica bloomed this year but they have faded, they were tubular peachy orange flowers and the fragrance of the flowers and foliage combined were fantastic-
And actually in bloom now,  Anaphalis margaritacea, Pearly Everlasting, which seems to attract some small wasps in addition to bees-
And finally, Fireweed,  Epilobium angustifolium-
So, looking to grow more natives in the near future,   Hannah


  1. Welcome to WW~I'm so glad you joined the celebration. Anaphalis margaritacea is a lovely plant~I must learn more about it! gail

  2. Thanks! The Pearly Everlasting was in one bed and then went away, but several years later came up in this bed and another. My 2 acres were logged by the PO and grass planted instead of the native flora but little strips of woods and the seed bank remain. And lots of thistles, Himalayan blackberries, Evergreen blackberries, and native blackberries as well to provide an ongoing war but at least a source of mulch and berries.

  3. Aronia melanocarpa--Sounds like a great nutritious berry... I might have to see if I can find one and add it to my ever growing berry-bush collection!

  4. Welcome to Wildflower Wednesday; glad you joined in! What a lovely collection of berries.

  5. Welcome to WW Hannah - glad to have you join us. A friend of mine recently searched high and low for the Oregon grape holly and was thrilled to find it at a nursery about 30 minutes from here. Yours is lovely, as are the other natives you showcased this month!