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Friday, March 16, 2012

What's Blooming Today March 15, 2012

Welcome to another GBBD, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens .  Thanks, Carol!  She has some lovely frilly Hellebores.  My Helleborus orientalis, the Lenten Rose,  like to face downward so are hard to photograph, they range between dark wine purple and pink, to a few white with blotches-
They typically have blotches on the inner petal sides that adds beauty-
This Hellebore makes a big clump-
 Hellebores are very carefree as long as they are not in direct sunlight for long and get adequate water. I love the way they make a big bouquet in spring, and that they self-sow freely around the parent plant so there are extras to move or give away.  Some awesome hybrids have been developed as well.
Some bulbs are starting to bloom, daffodils like these N. cylamineus 'Jetfire', aren't they cute- poised as though for flight; and another one with a larger trumpet, not sure which it is.
I also found some Muscari, they are not really this color, a little more magenta.
The Vinca minors are beginning to bloom as well, love those perfect little pinwheels-
Aso the turnips in my vegetable bed, I hadn't noticed them so cut all the ones that had blooms and buds for dinner-
In my deck planter I have Purple Rain in front, perhaps named for the sunburst effect?
And Blue Blotch, these 2 were the most fragrant I could find.  There were some stunning very large pansies with light petals with sunset-colored washes but I was afraid they would not do well in rain and wind.  As it is, these had snow and popped back.  Some trailing plants will join them soon, probably some Calib
Meanwhile indoors, my Agastache rugosa continue to grow in my aquaponics system, where I will soon put the tomatoes, transplanted into 4" pots, that have hit the lights on my grow shelves.  Poor camera seems not to be able to do well getting magenta flowers right.

Only a week left until Spring begins officially!  Can't wait....


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