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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Foliage Follow-Up, May 16, 2014

Presenting some of that foliage that is the backbone of the garden and sets off all those lovely blooms.  To see more Foliage Follow-Up posts, join hostess Pam at Digging and look at the comments.

An overly robust shrub that I coppiced, cutting it back severely as an alternative to removing it, is Elaeagnus ebbingei, Silverberry. It blooms with delightful wafting fragrance in fall-

And leafing out for some color, my tiny Cotinus-

My son's red Japanese Maple that keeps it's wonderful color all summer then is even redder in fall-

Red Dragon-

Green Dragon-

A new fern with wavy fronds, Blechnum penna-marina-

Cyrtomium fortunei var. Clevicola fern in one of my new shade gardens-

And finally the mysteriously reappearing silvery leaves of Cyclamen hederifolium, I love it when it makes little pink corkscrews-

I enjoy creating shade gardens, it seems they have fewer weeds.   -Hannah

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  1. I love Blechnum penna-marina. I almost got one the other day but it was a dwarf form. I want the rugular size. Great foliage, all of it!

  2. Thanks, Evan, I wasn't appreciating ferns very much because of the large rampant and even invasive ones that grow wild in my garden, but I'm getting more interested in shade gardens because of their lesser weed problems, so I've been getting more.

  3. Love all these diffenent colors and shapes of the leaves! Great series!

  4. I love that Holly fern but can't manage to keep it alive. I think this last winter killed it again. Love Cotinus, especially with raindrops on the leaves.

  5. Thanks, Linda. The last winter was severe enough to kill off most of my Ceanothus 'Victoria', but I didn't lose any of my new ferns.

  6. Really Great ! Wonderful leaves!