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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wildflower Wednesday May 27, 2015

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I have 2 acres of semi-forested Red Cedar and Big-leaf Maple, with lawn areas, gardens, and pockets and strips of wildflowers.  The dainty Siberian Spring Beauty are blooming-

False Solomon's Seal is blooming, with it's very lovely fragrance-

A rhizomatous perennial that appears in the spring and spreads like a ground cover in shady areas is Hydrophyllum tenuipes, Pacific Waterleaf (some related varieties have been developed for the garden with purple flowers)-

The Pacific Waterleaf along with geraniums and spring beauty have carpeted this area behind our shop that used to be overgrown with blackberry vines.  Another wildflower that spreads very well by seeding is Tellima grandiflora, Fringecup, related to Heucheras.  You can see pale spikes of it-

It is springing up by itself in many areas of the garden where it is generally welcome-

You can see how it gets its name of Fringecups, so delicate-

What wildflowers are blooming for you?

The roses in my driveway circle are blooming, and Rosa Mundi, with variegated magenta and white swirled flowers, is a sport of the Apothecary rose and I make a salve with the petals every year, it is a onceblooming rose and so really puts on a show, it is just beginning-

Champney's Pink Cluster is behind it on the trellis-

Meanwhile in the front yard some irises, really much more purple than what the camera decided, are blooming in front of some more Fringecup-

Another clump of Lupine has started to bloom, Gallery Pink-

I discovered a different moth in the garden, I haven't been able to find an ID so far, can you see the hearts?-


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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Foliage Follow-Up May 20, 2015

Honoring our Veterans, firefighters, and their families for the tremendous sacrifices they have made for our freedom on Memorial Day weekend.

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Another later Rhododendron is blooming now, it spread laterally to 12' / 4m-

A combination on our shop of Sombreuil OGR rose-

 And Clematis Niobe which is an early bloomer-

A favorite iris, Beverly Sills-

And a deep purple one

My once-blooming Alba OGR Madame Plantier is beginning her massive bloom-

My husband built me a branch trellis to contain her last year-

In that bed also the very large flowered Apricot Nectar, my favorite rose color-

And Austin rose Evelyn-

I've been uncovering several little baby garter snakes, here is a red striped one, the scales on its head really stand out, can you see the heart?-

This one is about full size, it has a very complex scale pattern-

This the snake making a ring, quite a pattern-

Here I'm showing some foliage in my garden, to see other people's foliage posts, join them at hostess Pam's blog Digging.  Some of my favorite foliage plants are shade plants like this self-sown Pulmonaria-
and even more silvery Excalibur-

Saxifrage 'London's Pride'-

Spooky new leaves of Acer 'Sister Ghost'-

The delicate pink new foliage of Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishiki'- 

It took me a while to realize it wasn't growing because the deer were nibbling it, so I hope in a cage it will someday look like the glorious round globes I see around.

I discovered yesterday a little patch of a variegated sport of Anemone nemorosa, I hope it will continue to grow larger-

I imagine a strange many-armed figure under the glorious tangled Japanese cutleaf weeping maple foliage-

I'm interested in Manzanitas for their ability to live without summer irrigation, in fact they hate it, for those far-flung areas of my yard where it is hard to drag a hose, so I'm hoping to enjoy big plants with twisty dark bark and grey leaves someday, my babies from Xera Plants-

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This is an area where the previous owners dumped a lot of logs after cutting many cedars and firs down, and it used to be overgrown with Himalayan blackberry vines, which I cut down a couple of years ago, and have to keep removing.  Native plants and self-sown geraniums have filled in.  Previously in 2013 after clearing blackberries-

And now when lots of plants have been filling in-

Native wildflowers and geraniums filling in-

Deer visitor


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Friday, May 15, 2015

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day plus May 15, 2014col

Welcome to my blog, today I'm featuring What's Blooming Now, to see what is blooming in other places around the world join hostess Carol for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.

Everything is nearly a month ahead in blooming, so I already have a lot of roses blooming.  Zepherine Drouhin remains Queen of my rose garden with her fantastic early bloom.

A mini with my favorite rose color is My Honey-

Calla lilies are blooming-

Irises are blooming-

The scented Lemon Lily is blooming-

Many of the hardy geraniums are blooming, sanguineum-

Columbines are weaving their magical spell-

Lupines I added last year are blooming-

The magnificent Rhododendrons are blooming-

The smaller native bumblebees love them-

They can be pruned to have marvelous twisty interiors-

As can the weeping cutleaf Japanese Maples-

A small visitor on the door, a damsel in distress-

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I hope spring is bursting forth in bloom for you as well!  Hannah

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