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Monday, September 12, 2016

Visualize Whirled Peas, In a Vase on Monday, September 12, 2016

The hot summer weather seemed to end early this year with some cool early rainy days, after actually a pretty mild summer, though a few warm days remain.

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Today's flowers hosted by Denise

In a Vase on Monday hosted by Cathy

The sweet peas are still blooming so I wanted some for In A Vase On Monday, hosted by Cathy.   I'm pleased they are doing well my first year in a long time growing them, some Royal Family and some Old Spice mixes, in a little thrift store vase-

I went around and looked for what else was still blooming.   I found a big spray of rose Clothilde Soupert which is a late bloomer well into fall and combined it with some Scabiosa atropurpurea I grew from seed this year, I was surprised they are blooming well.  Also I added some early-blooming heather, Geranium oxonianum 'Claridge Druce', Aster, Anemone japonica, Sedum, Browallia americana, and Ageratum.    And for foliage I cut some dwarf bamboo, and some Osmanthus heterophyllum variegatum.

I used one of my new batch of poured ceramic vases, I added the flowers from another mold.  The glazes are called shimmer but just added flecks of metallic silver so they fell a little short for me.

Meanwhile in the edible garden, the beans are doing well.  I've been cooking a lot of the regular pole beans like Zelma Zesta, a long red-streaked pole bean, meaty, early, and productive; 

Anellino Giallo, a yellow Italian shrimp bean (curved), tender when full of beans; 

Jembo Polish, a large flat bean with a distinctive brown swirl on large flat beans, productive, tender at large sizes;

Also growing well are some beans for dry bean use, like Ojo de Cabra, Mayflower, Turkey Craw, and since the Motorcyclist objects to the tough pods of the runner beans, this year I'm mostly picking and using them as shellies.  The hummingbirds are very appreciative of the red flowers of the runner beans, as well as honeysuckle, and even the tropical milkweed flower on my deck, which has bloomed  non-stop.

I'm also harvesting the usual cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, crookneck squash, collards, kale, and hopefully some eggplant and okra.  I don't like having to add sugar to food so this year have been having fun throwing the abundant rhubarb into mixed vegetable soup and treating it like a vegetable.  It tends to disappear in the soup and just adds some tart flavor and nice texture.  What late summer vegetables are you enjoying?   Hannah

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