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Monday, June 27, 2016

On the trail again June 26, 2016

I'm posting again, I had my first eye injection treatment of Avastin to hopefully shrink the erratic blood vessel in my eye that is causing the vision problem.  No change yet, but not as bad as I anticipated, and I did read a lot of good experiences by other patients.

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A few different birds have been visiting my deck for seeds.  One I've seen in the neighborhood but not on the deck is the darling bright American Goldfinch, so cute-

Another that at first seemed like a Spotted Towhee but more colorful is the Black-Headed Grosbeak-

I am featuring some Clematis this week, they started blooming in mid May with my sympatico combination of 'Niobe' and the climbing rose Sombreuil, totally an accident that they bloom at the same time-

I love those magnificent Old Garden Rose Sombreuil blooms-

Next Clematis to bloom is 'Sugar Candy', who has outdone herself in long bloom this year-

Clematis jackmanii is blooming now,  I find it curious that the petal number ranges from 4 to 6-

The tiny bells of Clematis integrifolia have been opening on the congested vines-

The wonderful Clematis viticella 'Venosa Violacea' has the longest bloom season of them all-

An earlier vase of flowers has the pink rose Monsieur Tillier, a cerise Achillea, small purple clusters of Ceanothus 'Victoria', and some frothy chartreuse flowers of Lady's Mantle-

For In A Vase On Monday this week, to answer hostess Cathy's challenge to find flowers to plonk in a vase, I used yellow 'Julia Child', which has a marvelous myrrh fragrance; the fantastic red climber 'Dublin Bay' which is long-lasting in the vase or on the plant; the very large 'Apricot Nectar'; the little and abundant white 'Madame Plantier'; and foliage of Lonicera nitida.

My main gardening interest is actually my vegetables, I've been picking lots of edible-podded snap peas, and am just starting to pick some fava beans.  Strawberries have been tapering off and some raspberries and blueberries are ripening.  What delightful edibles are gracing your garden?

I'm sad to have the summer solstice pass, since the days start getting shorter again.  My latest night before to come in from the garden was 9:49pm but tonight it was 9:24pm.  I'm close to getting all the vegetable beds planted though, with lots of beans.some pole beans are about at the shoulder level in their race for the top of the trellis, and there are red flowers about to bloom on some of the runner beans.  The hummingbirds will be happy.  Hannah

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