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Thursday, February 22, 2018

What's Blooming Now February 22, 2018

Welcome to my belated Garden Blogger's Bloom Day post!  To see what is blooming around the world check out hostess Carol's blog. Here are some flowers blooming Feb. 18 in my garden, I was amazed and delighted to finally get a bloom on my variegated Camellia japonica 'Taiyo', which I bought from the Collector's Nursery as a very small plant in 2002, and just had it's first flowers.  It has lovely variegated leaves, like creamy bird's feet, and has slowly been growing in front of my husband's shop where it is seldom watered, but perseveres.

I was especially surprised to see the flower now since it is winter and time for the Camellia sasanqua's to bloom, my large pink Camellia japonica blooms in early spring.  Apple Blossom bloomed heavily in the early winter, as it has for several years, but Yuletide had it's first couple of flowers last year and managed to have a few more this year, though in February.

The other group of flowering plants in my garden at present are the wonderful Hellebores.  They tend to have dangling flowers so it is hard to see their pretty faces-

So I had to hold up this one to see the pretty stippling of the petals with burgundy spots.  I always enjoy the complexity of their flower parts too.

There are signs of buds on some daffodils, so it won't be long for them to bloom as well.   What is blooming in your garden?     -Hannah

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