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Monday, May 16, 2011

Alpine Strawberries

One of my successes last year was to start Alpine Strawberries from seed and get fruit the same year.  The varieties I started last year were Alexandria and Delicious.  Here are some in a strawberry pot-
They are blooming already.  The ones planted in the ground are also blooming.  This year I bought more seeds from The Strawberry Store-  Fragola Quattro Stagioni (4 Seasons), Fragola di Bosco, these 2 are Italian Alpines; also Ali Baba, Baron Solemacher, Mignonette, Reine des Vallees, Ruegen, and Yellow Wonder, all of which are runnerless, and finally a Wood strawberry that makes runners from ebay.  Even though the seedlings are initially very small, they develope quickly and seem tough, I haven't had trouble with them dying off like some native plants I have tried.

Alpine Strawberries have small delicate berries, but with a more intense flavor than large strawberries.  They also keep blooming and fruiting all the way until frost.  It is fun to look for the little fruits, and they make a neat and well-behaved plant in the border.  I'm trying to work them into more of my borders where they add a lot of charm.  The Wood running strawberry will have to be planted where it can spread.  It is already making runners in the pots as a seedling.



  1. Hi Hannah,
    I found your blog on the GardenWeb blog roll post. Looks great! Look at you using a strawberry pot for strawberries! :-) (I use mine for succulents) I'm impressed that you grew them from seed and they got fruit the same year! Wow! Looking forward to following your progress and seeing more of your gardens.


  2. Amy- I ended up taking my strawberries out of the pot, they were too dry. It turned out ants were nesting in the pot. I pick a few strawberries in a day and add to a freezer bag of them, so eventually it will be full.