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Monday, September 17, 2012

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day September 2012

Welcome to my GBBD post, for more photos of what's blooming now from all over go to May Dreams Gardens hosted by Carol.    Nearly Fall, and the garden is very dry from our usual nearly rain-free dry season.  Fortunately, there are plants that can take that and even go on to bloom.   One of those that is exuberant is Agastache rugosa, one has even achieved 4' in height, having escaped the munching deer-
I started 5 Agastaches from seed last year but most did  not return, I hope this one, which grows on steroids, will do well next year.  It's disappointing that a non-native did better.

A plant that comes up towards fall and spread by itself is Anemone japonica, this one is slightly bi-colored, more visible from the back-
Another one, so dainty and cheery, and don't you just love flowers that take care of themselves...

Some of my most successful seed-grown plants are Achillea.  Here is A. millefolium 'Colorado', now 2 years old and making a nice clump, I should have dead-headed so maybe I would be getting more rebloom now.
The blossom up close has small florets-
but a wonderful surprise this week was blooms on my Achillea sibirica 'Love Parade', just grown from seed this year, which is an unusual soft pink and has larger florets on its smaller inflorescence, taken at the same distance away-
The foliage is also different, more with a ripply edge than the ferny foliage of most Achillea.  The first to bloom is in a very poor dry hardly watered location, too.

I started a couple of more 8/5, A. millefolium 'Cassis', a cherry red, and A. clypeolata, which will be a large silvery-grey foliaged plant with abundant yellow blooms.  The internal debate is whether they can make it through winter if planted out now.  I may plant part out as an experiment.

A few roses, mostly of the ground cover designation, are valiantly blooming, here is a spectacular red, Red Ribbons by Kordes.   Faun, Sea Foam, Lavender Dream, and Baby Blanket are some more of my favorites in this category.
And the ever irrepressible Betty Boop-

A final seedling success from last year, an Echinacea I hope will make a clump next year-

I hope you are resigned to the end of summer, part of me says Yes but the vegetable gardener part says NO!!

Here's one reason why- the lovely Eggplant Kamo in a pot-

Happy Bloom Day!  Hannah


  1. Hi Hannah, Your blooms look wonderful. A friend of mine grows 'Red Ribbons' Rose and I was so wanting one. I have't found it yet but when I do...:)

    I've never been able to keep Agastaches alive more than a year, two at best. My soil is just too soggy in the winter.

    I love your egg plant. Very pretty.

    1. Thanks, Grace. I got mine at Bird's English Garden Nursery,, they sell bareroot roses in early spring and have sales later. I don't know if they carry them every year or not. Jackson and Perkins sells them.

      I was expecting the native Agastaches to come back, I hope this year's A. formosa does because it is growing and blooming so well.

      I'm not sure when to pick the eggplants but may do so soon, they may have reached their maximum size. The ones in the ground are doing almost as well as the ones in pots, so I may have found an eggplant I will grow every year. I'll see how they taste. I'm still looking for one that will get big and yield better.

  2. Pretty blooms. I just love that Betty Boop!

  3. Betty Boop is a great rose, the blooms last a long time and usually the bush has multiple blooms most of the season. Mine got set back by deer but should get big again soon.

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    2. Thanks, Thomas. Unfortunately Thanksgiving and Christmas are taking up a lot of my time now. I will be starting seeds again soon though, especially the ones requiring chilling, so may post on that soon. I'm also doing a lot of research on bean varieties to grow next year.

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  6. Thanks for stopping by, Seth, I hope to have time to post again soon.