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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day March 2013

Welcome to my GBBD  post, join other gardeners around the world on gracious hostess Carol's May Dreams Gardens website to see what's blooming now.  Spring seems to be arriving here, probably about on schedule.  We have been having very warm temperatures though, usually it has to be raining constantly to get this warm.  The best winter bloomer would have to be Helleborus niger and orientalis.

I even went overboard adding to my Hellebores yesterday, from Fred Meyer and Shorty's Nursery, some that have more upfacing flowers and frosty leaves- no name-
Winter Moonbeam-
Pink Beauty-

Ivory Prince-
Winter Jewels Cherry Blossom-

White Marble-

And blooming in my yard, the first daffodils of the season-

Self-sown Pulmonaria-

A Muscari, one year I had some that started blooming in fall.

A winter-blooming Heather-

A bedding Primula, oddly all the ones that have returned and are blooming now are this rich blue-

And finally, some of those Pansies I couldn't resist at the nursery, these are double and ruffly, I will put them in my baskets-

Spring is only a week away, enjoy!



  1. Hooray for spring! Loved seeing all your Hellebores, and your double pansies are so pretty!

  2. Thanks, Alison. I love my Hellebores but the flowers all hanging down makes them less visible, and the changes in bloom color with age is fascinating. I find Hellebores very tough too, plus self-sowing.

  3. Beautiful! I need to find a spot for some Hellebores in my winter garden.

  4. You would enjoy them! I am excited to have so many new ones to plant, and to see what seedlings they will produce since they self-sow so well.