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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day June 2013

Welcome to another GBBD!  Join Hostess Carol of May Dreams Gardens and gardeners from around the world for What's Blooming Now.  Lots of flowers are blooming now, but the eye candy of my June garden would have to be the roses.  First to bloom for me nearly every year is the thornless climber, Zephirine Drouhin Bourbon rose-

We had a very dry April, which is not typical, then lots of rain in May, and ZD was unaffected, but another climber reacted by the unopened outer petals becoming glued onto the inner ones so they couldn't open.  So sorry, Reve d'Or Noisette or Tea rose-

Crepuscule, meaning sunset or twilight in French, didn't have that problem either and is gloriously in bloom.
Fading to pink, like lots of roses-

The deep red of Dublin Bay is even more impressive when I see how long the individual roses last on the plant.  The blackened edges result from rain damage.

Champney's Pink Cluster is very exuberant on a trellis, but does get blowzy rather fast.  My red honeysuckle has grown up through her to the top, I hope the hummingbirds are happy but I haven't seen any yet.

Ghislaine de Feligonde is a Hybrid Musk or Rambler, a very tough rose that is surviving on my bank, and slowly getting bigger.

The sensational large apricot blooms of Apricot Nectar never fail to impress, here a little washed out-
Better color photo-

Hybrid Musks can keep blooming most of the summer.  Felicia took a long time to get bigger, but now is blooming well-

Cornelia has fuller rich pink flowers, on the left, Felicia has faded on the right-

Many people will grow other once-blooming flowers but shy away from the once-blooming Old Garden Roses (OGRs) but they are truly spectacular when they are in bloom.   My one with the most presence is Madame Hardy, unfortunately people keep running our trailer into her supports and she fell down and can't get up, but is magnificent anyways-

Some OGR's have incredibly full flowers that open flat, such as the Gallicas.  Something I enjoy about them that could be a nuisance is that they don't just sit there, they sucker, so if you want a rose that can really fill in, these will.  The suckers are easy to dig and move around to other areas, too.

Here is a vase containing from bottom Right going clockwise, white blush Leda Damask rose; Belle de Crecy Gallica; Tuscany Superb Gallica; Baronne Prevost Hybrid Perpetual- perhaps the most highly fragrant rose I grow; Excellenz von Schubert early blooming Polyantha- small flowers in abundant clusters, they started much earlier so have peaked-

Rosa Mundi is a variegated sport of the Apothecary Rose, used medicinally in Medieval times.  I have made salve with the roses, comfrey, and Rosemary, which has a delightful rose scent and is quite healing.

To see more photos of my variegated roses, including some mini's, click here.

Finally, a few ground cover roses.  One that spreads well and blooms profusely is Sea Foam-

A full flat pink, The Faun-

A blazing red, Red Ribbons-

And Lavender Dream-

Clematis Candy Cane-

Clematis 'Venosa Violacea'-

And Clematis 'Niobe', earliest to bloom-

Spring is nearly over, I will be sad when the days start getting shorter again, but the fruits and vegetables will be getting ripe, at least.  Love those long days....



  1. gorgeous rose blooms, your clematis is ahead of mine

    1. Thanks, Linda. I was fortunate to start collecting roses when Sequoia Nursery was still around and the prices were great.

  2. Quite a happy assortment of roses. Happy Bloom Day.

  3. Beautiful roses! I especially love the shots of them with the honeysuckle. I'm thinking if I ever grow a rose it will be intertwined with honeysuckle like that, or maybe with a Clematis. I'm going to miss the long days too.

    1. I'm a night owl, so it really extends my gardening time to have those long evenings. I will have to start getting up earlier.... sigh.

  4. Such beautiful roses! I've a once booming (NOID) rose that was inherited in a former garden and I brought a start with me. It's one of my favorites for fragrance and the utter abandon of it's blooming which lasts about a month. The humming birds will surely love your honeysuckle!

  5. Thanks, Peter. I also have the wild orange honeysuckle, Lonicera ciliosa, it may stay in bloom longer than the variety? If you posted a photo on the Antique rose forum on Gardenweb someone might ID it for you, that's how I found out mine is Madame Hardy, it was given to me as a rooted cutting.

  6. They are gorgeous! My rugosas are blooming like crazy and our wild roses just finished. Whoever lived here before planted roses, pale pink ones and some red. I'm amazed they are still doing well after all these years (and no help from me!)

  7. Some roses are very tough. I have to say I have lost quite a few too though, sometimes it is because rabbits eat them to the ground in winter. I even lost some Buck roses which are supposed to be really tough.

  8. Wow, what an impressive array of roses you have! I really like the OGRs and wish I had more room to grow them. Happy GBBD!

  9. While they do like a lot of room, it is possible to prune them down brutally like people grow Hybrid Teas. My 8-10' Rugosas are formidable, but I've seen them grown cut to 2-3' every winter, and they were kind of cute when little. I'm very bad about pruning roses down in the winter, but I may do a couple of leggy ones next winter.