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Monday, September 16, 2013

Foliage Follow-up September 16, 2013

Welcome to my Foliage Follow-up post, to see other people's foliage photos, click on the link to Pam's blog, Digging.

Miscanthus sinensis Zebra Grass-

Daphne 'Lawrence Crocker', small and rounded, purple flowers in spring-

Daphne tangutica, pink and white blooms in spring, large 3-4' mound-

Pulmonaria, seedling of Excaliber-

Salvia lyrata-

Happy Foliage Follow-up!    Hannah


  1. Nice plants, Hannah. It look moist there!

  2. Yes, our long summer of dry season seems to be over, we got 2" last week and it is raining again. It started early this year, it already feels like fall has fell.

  3. Those purple leaves are gorgeous! I need to google that plant....flower color? I think fall has arrived here too....phew!

    1. I grew them from seed, and mine seem to form bloom stalks and have calyxes without any petals most of the time. I was reading about some named varieties and one said this is a common problem but if the stalks are cut off, sometimes a second flush will grow that will have more flowers present. I will have to try this next year. I originally grew them in my spring mixed planters for the foliage, and overwintered them in the basement or on my east-facing concrete porch that stays pretty warm. They are evergreen there, and apparently also in the ground except in extreme climates, they are hardy to zone 5. The flowers are pale blue to pink, fading to white. This year I grew more and am trying them in the ground, so I will see if they remain evergreen there. They also have medicinal and edible uses.