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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Favorite Plant Pick and Foliage Follow-up, November 16, 2013

Welcome to my Favorite Plant Pick of the week, linked to the Danger Garden blog hosted by Loree, which is also my Foliage-Follow Up post, linked to the Digging blog by hostess Pam Penick.  Check the comments sections for more posts on these topics from other gardeners.

For my favorite plant pick I have an evergreen large shrub that I enjoy immensely, Elaeagnus x ebbingei 'Gilt Edge'.

The evergreen leaves are always attractive and also make an excellent filler plant for flower arrangements-

Here it looks great with Berberis berries-

In the early fall it blooms, tiny blooms with a powerful fragrance that wafts, I look forward to it blooming every year.

For some additional foliage plants I am enjoying now, who needs flowers when you can have a Nandina for some color interest-

Nice ground cover plants I grew from seed and that also produce fruit are some Alpine Strawberries-

Red fall color- Amber Ghost Japanese Maple-

So much color for such a short while.   -Hannah


  1. Beautiful foliage!
    I have a small Nandina. Lovely shrub.
    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Lea, I have some dwarf ones but also one that decided to get 8' tall, growing up in a tree where I didn't see it for a while, I'm afraid to cut the canes down since it doesn't seem to sucker. This one seems to be the typical suckering type I got at a garage sale, so I don't know an exact variety name.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Donna! They don't last long once they turn red, they are all falling off now.

  3. Nothing like a little yellow variegation to light-up the grey winter days! I also love that you said "excellent filler plant for flower arrangements" many people seem blind to the great options for filling vases that exist right in their own back yard.

  4. My striped Phalaris grass is also an excellent filler plant, long-lasting in a vase and the white stripes make a nice contrast. I used some 'Gilt Edge' in a vase and the flowers are long gone but it is still there looking good. The chartreuse flowers of Lady's Mantle are great as a Baby's Breath substitute. I suppose there are other plants I could use but never thought of it.