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Friday, April 18, 2014

Favorite Plant Pick of the Week April 18,2014

My Favorite Plant Pick of the Week is Daphne tangutica, one of my 3 surviving Daphnes along with 'Lawrence Crocker' and 'Summer Ice'.  To see other blogger's favorites, join Loree of Danger Garden and check the comments section.  She is featuring Magnolia laevifolia, which is strongly scented with a lemon fragrance and sounds wonderful.

Daphne tangutica blooms in the spring, and wafts a delightful fragrance.   Over the 12 years I have grown it, it has become a 3-4' rounded shrub, carefree and evergreen.   You can see it blooms very heavily-

The tubular flowers grow in clusters and have magenta-purple bases and reverses.

The deep green glossy leaves are evergreen and attractive when the Daphne in not in bloom as well.  It is a Great Plant Pick and hardy in zones 7-10.


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  1. Gotta love an easy to care for, sweet smelling plant.

  2. Thanks, Amy, I love smelling it in the spring.

  3. I bet that smells wonderful! Too bad the scent doesn't come through the computer.

  4. It does, since I lost my big Daphne odora it is my #1 Daphne for fragrance. I just wish it kept blooming all summer like 'Summer Ice'.

  5. Wow that might just be the largest daphne I've ever seen! Oh how wonderful it must smell. So do you know what did in your Daphne odora?

  6. It was on the north side of the house and got very little sun, also very sharp drainage, but lived there for quite a few years then slowly died away. So I don't know. The other 3 Daphnes get more light, but not a lot of water either. The only one I have been able to root cuttings for is 'Summer Ice' and they don't always work, someone mentioned starting D. tangutica from seed so I should see if I can do that.

  7. I love this picture, a beautiful work of nature!