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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ahhh... Those Spring Garden Shows

Everyone seems to be enjoying those spring garden shows already, but the local one is still a month away, so I decided to get out my photos from last year and relive those fragrant fresh garden mulched, dreamily lit, dreamily designed moments.  A little anticipation never hurts.

If I had an unlimited budget and the desire to create an inspirational and luxurious outdoor living space for wonderful dinners, entertainment, and relaxation in a romantic setting, it might look a little like this- start with a magnificent superstructure-
 Add a large video screen and comfortable seating, as well as a well-equipped outdoor kitchen and barbeque-
Some natural rocks and subtle lighting enhance the impression of being alone in an exotic nocturnal landscape.

Some exhibits at the garden show incorporated metal sculpture-
A low maintenance landscape giving a natural feel to the garden for the nature lover...

Or reminders of our local wildlife treasures and volcanic terrain.

Stone water features can transport us to fountains and waterfalls,
Or we can add hardy palms and desert features for those who miss warmer climates.
What I considered the most impressive new plant is this symmetrical and soft-foliaged Mahonia 'soft caress', used in some landscapes with great effect.
Hardscaping with flagstones, low walls that could be used for seating, low maintenance plantings, bright or subtle lighting, and structures with drapes for privacy can enhance night time entertainment.

My appetite is whetted for this year's garden show soon, what inspires you?


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