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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In Remembrance of Things Past- Daylily Season 2011

I had some renewed interest in my daylilies this summer because I needed to select some to give my daughter-in-law for her new house/garden.   One of my older beds was doing so great there was continuous bloom for weeks and weeds were not in evidence in the thick growth and flowering.  Tuscawilla Tigress kept one end on fire-
Along with the tropical peachy South Seas-
On the other end a fire was lit on Open Hearth, which is closer to a spider in form-
And also Mango Time, love those red eyezones!-
One that kept several lilting blossoms open every day at a nice shorter height, Rhinestone Kid, I love 
the clear color with the lighter midribs, ruffles, and twirly shape- 
And here showing several blossoms-
Another cool color that bloomed well, Purple Passage-
And a crimson red spider form, Poinsettia Love-
But of course I should also show the real Spider Man-
Some others that looked good in the clump, Hunter's Torch glowing from within-
Another twirly flower that kept blooming a long time, Decatur Cherry Smash-
Another clump that bloomed at a nice shorter height and kept multiple blooms going for a long time, Carrollwood Red-
The appropriately named Orchid Corsage like an ethereal gathering of starfish-
And a few that made very lovely flowers, blooming occasionally.  A fantastic purple bagel that looks like a lightning storm in an evening sky, Night Beacon-
The lovely bagel Hug Me Big by Ra Hansen, love those recurved petals-
A lovely pastel pink with deeper eyezone, Janice Brown-
And the delicate bicolor Sunday Ruffles-
A perfect rounded form with ruffles, lovely pink, Rose Emily, love those rounded sepals with the little points, and the chartreuse throat-
The ruffled and pleated elegant form and color of Kate Carpenter-
And for eye appeal, a purple eyezone, I think on Wineberry Candy-
And the coolly elegant deeper purple eyezone of Moonlit Masquerade-
Well, it has been a dose of daylilies for your delight.   And there is always the allure of hybridizing your own creation of certainly one of the more persistent and easy perennials.   I have one bed of seedlings that is a blaze of glory in summer, many from the clownish Erin Farmer, a peach spidery form with a white midrib.  Unfortunately I kept neglecting to take a picture.


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