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Friday, June 15, 2012

What's Blooming Now June, 2012- Rose Revue

I'm featuring roses for GBBD, some of you have been enjoying them for some time but they are just getting going in the PNW.  Join hostess Carol and others at May Dreams Gardens for an amazing assortment of blooms.  First rose to bloom in my garden is lovely fragrant thornless Zepherine Drouhin-

A vibrant red climber is Dublin Bay, long-lasting flowers as well-

One of my favorite rose colors is apricot, like this climbing Noisette, Crepuscule-

Another apricot rose that has proven herself tough enough to survive on my front strip is the rambler Ghislaine de Feligonde, the bush gets slowly bigger every year, the flowers are small and abundant, and fade to cream-

One of my most successful mini's is My Honey-

Some roses make good ground covers, like The Fawn (Bossa Nova), which stays short and has glossy disease-free foliage and my favorite bloom form, many petals swirled in a flattened bowl shape-

My once-blooming OGR's (old garden roses) are slowly coming into bloom.  They are generally fantastically covered with blooms.  Madame Plantier is an Alba-

Belle de Crecy is a Gallica-

Then there are some OGR's that repeat blooming all season, Hybrid Musks.  The biggest blooms are on Cornelia-

Penelope blooms a lot and makes a tall but not very full bush-
Felicia is a smaller bush that blooms less-
But I really enjoy variegated roses, so have collected some, here is the wonderful repeat-blooming and long-lasting Betty Boop in her cage, her colors fade gracefully as the blooms age.
A long-blooming mini climber is Dreamcatcher-

Rosa gilardi-
Scentimental has wonderful blooms but not very many in one season and no repeat-

The once bloomer Rosa Mundi is the variegated sport of the Apothecary Rose and adds wonderful fragrance to a salve-

A special class of roses for someone like me plagued by deer are the Rugosas, they may large exceptionally thorny bushes that deer leave alone, here is the exquisite and rare colored Topaz Jewel-

Another Rugosa with a double form and fragrance is Hansa-

So, happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, and be sure to stop to smell the roses!


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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You certainly have some lovely roses in bloom. Your capture of Madame Plantier is beautiful.