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Monday, July 9, 2012

Wildflower Wednesday June 2012

I was on a trip to Southern California on WW, so am posting late.  Catch other posts at Clay and Limestone, hosted graciously by Gail.  The last night of camping was in Big Sur at Limekiln Beach State Park, some photos here from a blog, a nice campground with a beach and also a walk through some Redwoods along a stream to a waterfall.  I unfortunately left my camera behind for the hike to the waterfall, but did notice some Aquilegia formosa in bloom, which are also blooming in my garden on second year plants I grew from seed-
Other plants I saw there were big mats of Oxalis oregana, and a Heuchera that especially liked making big mats covered with wispy white blooms on the vertical stones of the waterfall.

Another wildflower I grew last year that is blooming this year is Erysimum wheeleri-
Tellima grandiflora 'Fringe Cups' self-sows readily in my garden and blooms with greenish flowers with a fringed pink edge-
The orange-yellow native honeysuckle Lonicera ciliosa is blooming-
Thanks for joining me for some native wildflowers.



  1. All very pretty, especially the honeysuckle. I have Tellima/Fringecups in my native area too. It self-sows like mad, I am always pulling its little seedlings out of places where they're not wanted. They would totally overwhelm my little patch of Trilliums and Erythroniums, otherwise.

  2. Yes, the Fringecups self-sow a lot for me too. I didn't even notice the native honeysuckle for many years until I really weeded that area and uncovered it. I like the green cup-shaped bracts that surround the blossoms.