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Monday, July 16, 2012

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day July, 2012

Welcome to another GBBD, for more lovely flowers in bloom see all the posts at May Dreams Gardens, hosted by Carol.

I'll start off with a great little ground cover that I grew from seed last year and it bloomed in the fall and now, spreading to about a square foot already, Dianthus deltoides 'Microchips'-

The once-blooming roses are winding down, here is the last to bloom, Tuscany Superb, to see the others I posted for GBBD last month, click here-
Irises are almost done except the remaining Japanese ones, in form rather like ballroom skirts, here is Tuptim-
The daylilies are coming into their full glory, here are some double Kwanso with I think Jacob-
Here is Fooled Me
Clematis are blooming now, the earliest and last of my original 5 Park Clematis along with Jackmani, Niobe-

My favorite for lovely multi-hued blooms that are borne for a long time is C. venosa violacea
Jackmani is very reliable and vigorous, love that deep purple color, and floating in front are the very vigorous C. integrifolia, tiny light blue bells-
Long-coveted and added last fall only to be eaten to the ground by rabbits, Geranium 'Rozanne' is making a comeback under wire-

A new purchase that I saw on another blog and just had to have, since I'm starting some from seed but they won't bloom probably until next year, and this one is variegated as well as blooming, Knautia macedonica from HD.
A new annual I grew from seed this year and to my surprise is blooming now along with some Nasturtiums, is Cerinthe 'Purple Bells'-

A houseplant I've forgotten the name of, blooming-
The cool reliable return of Lychnis coronaria, in that intense vibrant magenta, the color that gardeners and growers tend to call all kinds of ridiculous other names even though it is ubiquitous-
And last for another vibrant color, Crocosmia 'lucifer' with a tropical splash hard to match-
Well, enjoy your blooms,   Hannah


  1. Hi Hanna, The varigated Knautia you purchased looks WAY nicer than the ones I saw at Home Depot. If I had seen any looking that nice, I might have snatched up one. My Clemmy 'Venosa Violacea' is also in full regalia right now. Don't you just love July?

    1. Well, I love the flowers blooming, but 2 weeks of vacation left me returning to major weeds. I finished planting my fall vegetables and now am attacking weeds. But the daylilies and other flowers are fun. And the fruit.

  2. Hello Hannah! Lovely lovely blooms.Rabbits eat Roxanne geraniums? You may have just solved what happened to mine-(:

    1. Well, it was either rabbits or deer. I never had deer eating geraniums but they did level one clump this spring, and rabbits ate all the leaves off some of my seedling beans. And they have eaten mini roses down to little twigs. Did your plant recover?

  3. Lovely blooms...I ADORE the Clematis charming!!!

  4. Thanks, Scott, they are really cute but incredibly vigorous, they try to take over the deck.