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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Favorite Fall-Winter Windowsill Bloomers

Part of my windowsill bloomers are geared to bloom in the spring and summer, like my Hoya vine which pumps out blooms continually in that time frame, but now has entered a rest period, along with others.  But some plants are just beginning to shine.  My favorites would have to be Pelargoniums, Geraniums that are not hardy in my zone and therefore kept in pots.  They stay small, the two shown are part of three that resulted from dividing my plant that bloomed last year.   One of them already finished blooming.  I like to have them by my sink where I can enjoy their cheery blooms.

Another plant that mainly blooms in the summer but is holding on is Oxalis triangularis purpurea, but it likes to plaster itself to the window pane so flops without it, here propped with a hat.

Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose) possibly Amanda,  can bloom for a long time, here are the latest blooms

I put my Epiphyllum anguliger outside for a while in late summer, and perhaps that is why it is blooming profusely now.  It is on my aquaponics framework.  The blooms only last a day when fully open, and tend to flop, but smell divine.
Epi's are very easy to root from cuttings, even have preformed roots, and this one is also known as Rick Rack cactus, from the leaf formation as in this photo-

Finally, there is my Christmas cactus that blooms early, I keep it downstairs in a mostly unlit basement by a south-facing window.  The blooms look like a burst of birds in flight.

So, I am solacing myself from the change in seasons with my indoor garden blooms.  And this weekend is the end of daylight savings, how depressing is that?  Today I went out in the wet garden and transplanted bamboo.  I hope it takes.  It's my latest strategy in the war on weeds, occupy and conquer.

If you would like to show off some of your indoor flowers, feel free to put a link to your post in a comment.



  1. Love em ! I`m a terrible potted plant guy, but I still try sometimes. :)

  2. I tend to kill houseplants as well. Generally for potted plants to survive for me they need to be "yellow line" plants- able to survive on the yellow line of a highway.;-) Some that work well are the Christmas and orchid cacti, hoyas, Aloe vera, Echeveria, cute little variegated social onion Ledebouria socialis, Angel Begonia, etc.

  3. Your windowsill blooms are gorgeous. I love that Christmas cactus.

  4. Thanks, it helps losing all the bloom outdoors to have some indoors. My other Christmas cactus has buds on the side that is behind the curtains so doesn't get night lighting. I kept the big one down in the basement where it was protected from light at night so it budded better.