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Monday, August 5, 2013

Blue Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome to my Blue Monday post, to see other Blue Mondays from around the world click on the link to Smiling Sally's blog.

A fantastic quilt from a county fair, I posted another one for Macro Monday 2 and Mandarin Orange Monday here-

Blue Larkspurs-

Thanks for visiting, Happy Blue Monday!



  1. I don't quilt, but I sure can appreciate the work involved in this one.

    That blue bloom is gorgeous!

    Have a good Blue Monday, Hannah.

  2. Those are awesome.

    I wanted to let you know that back in July Google upped the limit on photo storage to 15 GB and the instructions now state that photos are automatically downsized when uploaded so we don't have to worry about the limit now. I was not aware of this so thanks to your question and Michael's response, I have made a correction to my post to avoid confusion.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I tried to look it up on Blogger and it was rather vague. I started downsizing my photos to around 250 KB, a lot were around 1 MB, and an advantage is that they upload faster and now they have a name instead of just a number, I found out my Mac photo program will crop and resize, rename, and then I can actually search by name instead of scrolling through hundreds of numbered photos looking for a photo, which has taken a lot of time in the past. So I can organize the photos I want to use and instantly find them.;-) I guess formerly I assumed they resized them, but it did take a lot of time waiting for them to load. Thanks!